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Orlando Restraining Order Lawyer

Filing a restraining order, a/k/a an injunction, is not an easy decision but necessary at times to protect yourself and possibly your children. If you are seeking an injunction, contact us immediately and we'll get to work for you in this tough time.


Florida law has five types of restraining orders:


  • Dating Violence Injunction

  • Domestic Violence Injunction

  • Repeat Violence Injunction

  • Sexual Violence Injunction

  • Stalking Injunction

Filing for an injunction can provide resources for yourself to ensure your safety as well as provide resources to the alleged abuser to provide them the help they may need such as counseling.  An injunction can provide you with exclusive use and possession of your home, a controlled timesharing schedule with your children and the alleged abuser temporarily, and temporary child support.  The alleged abuser can be ordered to stay away from you, your home and work place, relinquish their weapons, and go to counseling.


Conversely, if you were served with an injunction with false allegations, it is important to contest those allegations.  Injunctions are public records and could negatively impact your life if not contested.  Contact Alcalde Legal and we will aggressively fight the false or exaggerated allegations on your behalf.

Alcalde Legal Serving the Orlando Area

Let us help help ease your stress during this difficult time.


While Alcalde Legal is based in Orlando, we travel throughout the state of Florida to assist you in your family needs.

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