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Alcalde Legal focuses on a variety of issues within the family law area, including prenuptial agreements, divorce, adoptions, child support and parental rights issues. Affairs involving relationships, whether by blood or by law, can become emotional and difficult. We approach each case with the appropriate sensitivity and compassion to make you feel at ease. When you need a family law attorney, someone to handle a delicate situation or battle hard for you in negotiations or litigation, Alcalde Legal is there.



At Alcalde Legal we offer a broad spectrum of services in the area of immigration law.  We help individuals who wish to become United States citizens through the naturalization process, as well as individuals, families, and employers who need to obtain visas and employment authorizations for transferring executives, managers, key personnel, or new hires to the United States. Our services include preparation and filing of all types of non-immigrant and immigrant visa applications in virtually all visa categories, attend interviews with our clients, and ultimately facilitate in their citizenship application.

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