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Orlando Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is the legal ending of your marriage by a court. This process is also known as dissolution of marriage.  This will be one of the most difficult moments you will experience in your adult life, and we will help guide you through this emotional time.


Here at Alcalde Legal, we understand the serious nature of what you are going through. We will resolve your family issues with the least amount of conflict and dispute possible.

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Florida Divorce Process

The process begins when either you or your spouse files a petition for dissolution of marriage. You and/or your spouse must have lived in Florida for at least 6 months before filing for divorce in Florida. This petition informs the court that a spouse desires a divorce and things they are seeking such as child support, time-sharing, parental responsibility, alimony, and property distribution.

After filing the petition, a sheriff or process server will legally serve the other spouse with the petition for dissolution of marriage, whereupon he or she will have 20 calendar days to respond to the dissolution papers and determine a course of action.

Each spouse must provide complete financial disclosure, including pay information, assets and debts, to each other and the court.  While most divorces are solved through amicable negotiation or mediation, some cases require trial for resolution and Alcalde Legal has the experience and knowledge required to make this tough process as stress free as possible.

A marriage is officially dissolved once the court signs a final judgement of dissolution of marriage.

Alcalde Legal Serving the Central Florida Area

We here at Alcalde Legal will be by your side at every step of the process and help you begin your new life.


Even if you and your spouse are in agreement with most aspects of the divorce, it's still recommend you at least talk to a lawyer about your case. We will make sure you are cognizant of all your rights and the specific Florida procedures.

While Alcalde Legal is based in Orlando, we travel throughout the state of Florida to assist you in your family needs.

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