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Orlando Contempt & Enforcement Lawyer

Whether its child support, a parenting plan, an alimony ruling, property settlement, etc, these are legally binding agreements/orders for all parties involved. When one party is not following a specific court order, the judge may hold them in contempt of court, or other applicable sanctions.


In order for the Court to address these issues though, the party who is seeking to have the other party held in contempt or to enforce an order will need to file a Motion for Contempt or Motion for Enforcement which will then need to be set for a hearing before the Court.


Usually the most common enforcement issues involve child support, alimony or property settlement. Whatever the case may be, let the experienced Alcalde Legal guide you through this process.

Contempt & Enforcement Process

For a successful contempt ruling, the offending party must intentionally and willfully disregarded a court order. An example of this would be if the party is not paying child support but has the means to do so.


If the judge rules that the offending party is in contempt, multiple sanctions may be enforced, including fines, attorney fees, and court costs. Depending on the severity, even jail time could be sentenced.


Once you accuse a party of a court order violation, or if you yourself is the one being accused, do not hesitate to contact Alcalde Legal immediately for legal guidance. We will answer any questions you may have and get the process started on your behalf.

Alcalde Legal in Orlando, Florida

Alcalde Legal has helped many with their contempt and enforcement order requests, and we look forward to working with you through this process.


While Alcalde Legal is based in Orlando, we travel throughout the Central Florida area to assist you in your family needs.

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